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Al-Basrah City

The 1st Voyage of Sinbad

The Waters of Zemzem

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       This mysterious prophecy is at the heart of an origin story of Sinbad the Sailor, a tale of a poor young servant who stayed true to his handicapped brother while battling an evil sorcerer and all the wonders of magic before he went on to become the most celebrated mariner in the history of the world.

       Six years after a tragedy killed his father and left him alone to care for his blind older brother, Sinbad, 18, works in a shop that sells maps and charts to places all over the world, including destinations of a mythical nature. One day a mysterious prince arrives seeking a chart to the legendary island of Babil, where the magical Waters of Zemzem  hold back the evil King of the Jinn. The shopkeeper offers to sell the prince a chart to the island along with the use of one of his servants: Sinbad's brother, Nebu, whom the shopkeeper believes is somehow connected to a famous prophecy about the Waters. But when the shopkeeper demands an exorbitant price, the wicked nobleman kills the shopkeeper, takes the chart, and abducts Nebu, launching Sinbad on a desperate quest to save his brother and stop the prince from unleashing the King of the Jinn.

The Waters of Zemzem shall hold Al-Dajjal until the crownless king
born of two hearts comes forth from the darkness out of the west.

The 2nd Voyage of Sinbad
The Enchantress of Zur

Coming in 2024

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